Guidestone Colorado


Guidestone Colorado is excited to be caring for and creating unique educational opportunities
and experiences at the Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center!

Guidestone Colorado is a 501c3 nonprofit growing a vibrant agricultural future in Colorado through education, community building and partnerships.  To serve this mission, Guidestone Colorado has 4 primary programs:Jasper watering

Farm to School: Supports the growing, procurement, capacity building for healthy, local foods in district food service programs and education integration in multiple disciplines across district curriculum.

Farmhands Education Programs: Fostering community, family, and youth farm and ranch experiences as well as internship and apprenticeship opportunities for next generation farmers, ranchers and educators.

Colorado Land Link: Helping next generation farmers and ranchers find access to land and other resources needed to launch successful agricultural businesses.

Demonstration, Education, & Agritourism Sites:  Partnering with farms and ranches to provide diverse exploration, education & training, and visitor experiences that provide a window to and celebration of historical and active agriculture in Colorado.

Guidestone Colorado initially became involved at the Hutchinson Homestead in 2011, partnering with Salida Area Parks, Open Space and Trails to provide Farmhands children’s programs at the site.  Since that time, this role has continued to expand, and in Spring 2015, Guidestone Colorado has transitioned to operating the site.  We are excited to develop the site as a dynamic, historical and cultural interpretation and agriculture education center that serves current and future generations and bridges the past to the future of agriculture in our community!

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