Preservation Resources

If you are getting started in a preservation project or are interested in preserving an historic building or site:Granary

Contact the History Colorado State Historical Fund at 303-866-2825, visit their website at, or email them at  State Historical Fund grant monies come from gaming tax revenues designated by Colorado voters for historic preservation throughout the state.  Grants are distributed through a competitive process, and all projects must demonstrate strong public benefit and community support.  The State Historical Fund assists in restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings, architectural assessments, archaeological excavations, designation and interpretation of historic places, preservation planning studies, and education and training programs.

If you want to know if your historic property qualifies for State Historical Fund grants, contact the History Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation at 303-866-3392, visit their website at, or email them at

If you would like to learn more about the preservation process specifically at the Hutchinson Homestead & Learning Center, please feel free to contact:
Katy Grether, 719-530-1931, regarding the process of obtaining State Historical Fund grants.
Older Than Dirt Construction, 719-539-6177, Preservation Contractor, to inquire about historic preservation methods and practices.